Electronics and software development


Years of experience, modern instruments, our electronics manufacturing/control department and our customer’s requirements enable us to develop custom software, create taylor-made electronics, prototypes, do pre-production runs and prepare series production. Following development, we can provide long-term production and support.

Our team’s developer and production support engineers have extensive experience in designing digital and analogue circuitry, switching and analogue power supplies and software development (both PC and embedded system programming). With our mechanical, electrical, and mechatronical points of view, we can develop and manufacture prototypes, prepare series production, and also document and coordinate this entire process.

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals and modern technology enable us and our partners to do our jobs economically, efficiently and quickly.

Our competences

  • Software Development (embedded & PC software)
  • Circuit Design (digital and analogue circuit development)
  • Prototype and pre-production runs
  • Preparation of series production