About us

Started in 2015

DARPAMotion Ltd. is a spin-off company of Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. The founders worked on the Reharob Project (providing means of exercise for unilateral paralysis patients’ limbs with industrial robots) and wanted to put their knowledge to consecutive use in projects equally exciting and diversified. The excellent quality of the projects completed to date and satisfaction of the clientele allowed for the company’s dynamic development: it now employs more than 10 people and the number of orders is growing constantly. The company is still closely affiliated with the university, having their R&D and manufacturing facilities within BME’s premises.

2015 április – megalapítottuk a céget


Our Team

Zsolt Hodosán

Leading Production Support Engineer

Bálint Mohácsi

Leading Development Engineer

Gergő Petrovszki

Production Support Engineer

Zoltán Kovács

Production Support Engineer

Miklós Győző

Development Engineer

Roland Zana

Technical Advisor