DOROTHY research project for the safety assessment of rehabilitation robots


The DOROTHY consortium formed by DARPAMotion Kft. and the Department of Manufacturing Science and Technology of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics completed an award project on the safety assessment of a rehabilitation robot with the support of the COVR project ( No. 779966 of the European Commission’s H2020 framework programme. The DOROTHY (Dual cobot system for safe motion therapy) award project empowers rehabilitation robotics professionals in interpreting and applying the safety standard of rehabilitation robotics. The DOROTHY researchers surveyed the medical cobot systems available on the market and performed the risk analysis of the redesigned cobot-based dual-arm REHAROB therapeutic system. The developed DOROTHY sensorized dummy limb and the risk assessment algorithm are suitable for any upper limb rehabilitation robot’s safety assessment. The image was taken during the safety assessment of the cobot-based REHAROB system with the DOROTHY dummy limb.

In addition to the H2020 framework programme, two national NKFIH grants also contributed to the research: the grant K-125357 made the UR5e cobot and the grant K-132477 made the UR10e cobot available for the final testing of the products.